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Monday, July 03, 2006

We see things as we are

Happy Monday! Monday is not my favorite day but Monday morning traffic is better than Friday evening going through two hours of heavy traffic at Jalan Sg Besi just to get home to Ampang. Besides, I don't believe in Monday Blues - it's in your mind!

I think whole of last week was very eventful. World Cup 2006: England lost it and Beckham stepped down as captain. That's not too bad because I'm not a fan of England. I'm disappointed that Brasil lost. I think they play good game and with lots of passion and art to it. England is like commercial break - "Brand It Like Beckham". Germany on the other hand, won. Much to my disappointment. Many people think it's fixed - they gotta look good as a host. I'd like to bet for Portugal for the finals, if not Italy or France. But I think Germany will win. Hehehe enough of World Cup. Better have a cuppa instead!

One shocking news was Mawi unceremoniously breaking up his engagement to his fiancee Diana Naim through the phone. What the heck! I'm no longer a fan of Mawi anyways. Popularity has changed him and I don't like his new image. What's wrong with men nowadays. Too many Jantan and not many Lelaki, I guess. I thought Mawi is different. Hmmm kinda reminds me of my ex-hubby who only sms me to tell me it was over between us. Well, at least Mawi spoke to Diana. That still doesn't make it right though, Mawi.

Whatever it is there are three sides to every story.

We don't see things as they are,
we see them as we are.

- Anais Nin

However, this scenario is all too familiar. When a man wants a woman, he would go all out to woo her. Sometimes he even begs her. Promised the world to her. When he no longer wants her, he becomes indifferent to her. Shove her aside like dirt. The least he could do is be a man and break it gently to her. Give her that last shred of dignity and give her proper closure.

Mawi, please be a MAN and meet Diana!

I feel sad too that Erra and Yusri got divorced. Not that I'm a fan of either celebrity but I'm not a fan of break-ups either.

Closer to earth, a close friend is also going through divorce. That doesn't help me. I was full of admiration, sometimes envy, for them as a couple. My perception of them as a strong couple was wrong. They had separated and lived apart for the last six years and the happy couple image was just a front cover. Kinda took me by surprise.

With too many break-ups, divorces and my own relationship failings, my faith in marriage is beginning to erode. Is there such thing as a happy ever after ending?


  • hi naliza!

    talking about world cup, hehe, i think germany deserves to win over argentina that night, considering the great fighting spirit that they showed when they were still trailing behind argentina. that goal by klose memang cantek siot and totally UNEXPECTED!! nope, i don't think that particular match was fixed - i mean, can't u just see how italy was trying to "melengah-lengahkan masa" after they scored their first goal? diorang konfiden kot masa tu yg diorang akan menang - but thank God for Klose's goal! but i have to admit that the german team tend to crack under pressure, that's why their game was a bit "hampeh" immediately after italy scored - but they didn't give up and that's the good thing!

    by the way, i'm sooo happy that both england and brasil are out from the world cup, he!he! personally, i think england is over-hyped & over-rated, while brasil pulak, hehe, no comment!;-)

    By Blogger miss elly, at Mon Jul 03, 01:19:00 PM 2006  

  • haa long live france!

    have i ever told u that errr ... i'm a big fan of Reza AF3? dunno why but i always go for the unpopular ones ... ahaks!

    cool writing ... brand it like beckham

    By Anonymous mantessa1999, at Mon Jul 03, 03:56:00 PM 2006  

  • you r too involved wit others stories lah emotionally. ha. that could be the best they can do.

    By Anonymous @jh, at Mon Jul 03, 04:35:00 PM 2006  

  • world-cup story....from a lady's perspective...nice to get into a lady's emotion abt free kicks and goals.....*smile*

    Separationa dn divorce stories ....also from a lady's perspective...reading that, i found no difference from my own reaction. One don't even sack a tea-lady without properly saying teh right things....What more a fiance, one you have loved ...and probably one who have prayed for ur success in the first place..

    as always....your blog makes nice reading!!


    By Blogger Idham, at Tue Jul 04, 01:19:00 AM 2006  

  • sometimes life is more than just about us. it's the whole network of the universe. some people said think for our own happiness first. to some, happiness is when everyone is happy. so, its like chicken and egg thingy, which one come first ah?

    By Anonymous nadialoretta, at Tue Jul 04, 08:32:00 AM 2006  

  • Asam ragam kehidupan...

    CINTA :
    (sebelum kahwin)
    C = cubit kiri, kanan rasa.
    I = impian indah ibarat syurga.
    N = nikah impian utama.
    T = taat setia membawa bahagia.
    A = awal dan akhir bersama-sama

    (selepas kahwin)
    C = cuka yang dituang pada luka.
    I = iblis yang merosak minda.
    N = nafsu semata-mata.
    T = tuba yang dibalas semula.
    A = api dalam neraka.

    KASIH :
    (sebelum kahwin)
    K = kongsi semua suka duka.
    A = abang adik, ayang anja.
    S = sumpah janji di bibir sentiasa.
    I = istana bahagia dah dicipta.
    H = hatiku hatimu jua.

    (selepas kahwin)
    K = kaki tangan naik kat kepala.
    A = abuk pun tara, nak makan apa??
    S = simpati langsung tak ada.
    I = ironi membakar jiwa.
    H = hidup mati sama je.

    SAYANG :
    (sebelum kahwin)
    S = sikit-sikit SORRY, sikit-sikit SORRY, mengada!
    A = asal free mesti nak jumpa.
    Y = you lap me, I lap you!
    A = apa saja sanggup diduga.
    N = nak itu, nak ini... mesti dapat.
    G = gula-gula, coklat, teddy bear hadiah utama.

    (selepas kahwin)
    S = salah sikit kiamat dunia.
    A = air tak sedap, basahlah mata.
    Y = yang betul dia je.
    A = ada takde, bagi anak reti la.
    N = nak dilawan, digelar derhaka.
    G = gaduh sampai lebam.

    HATI :

    (sebelum kahwin)
    H = hanya dikau yang daku cinta.
    A = air paip pun manis macam gula.
    T = tak jumpa sehari boleh jadi gila.
    I = igauan indah tak terkira.

    (selepas kahwin)
    H = hantu jembalang lagi sempurna.
    A = air mata jadi teman setia.
    T = tempat mengadu dah tak ada.
    I = ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa... nak buat
    macam mana?

    tetapi yg seharusnya ialah...

    C-Cinta sebelum berkahwin, biar sederhana, tak melanggar batas agama
    I-Impian rumahtangga dirancangkan bersama (bkn praktikal seblm nikah)
    N-Nikah didahulukan pembuka gerbang kebahagiaan
    T-Timang cahaya mata sbg pengikat kasih sayang
    A-Amalkan perintah Tuhan, Insyaallah bahagia membawa ke syurga.

    K-Kasih berputik dikala pertunangan diikat
    A-Akad dilafaz cinta berbunga
    S-Suami disanjung-tinggi
    I-Isteri disayangi
    H-Harumlah kasih sepanjang zaman

    S-Sayangkan Isteri kasihkan suami
    A-Ada masalah, dibincangkan bersama
    Y-Yang ringan sama dijinjing, berat sama dipikul
    A-Amalkan hidup bertoleransi
    N-Nak kekalkan bahagia, itu usaha bersama
    G-Gaduh sesekali tu perkara biasa

    H-Hati suami mesti dijaga
    A-Apatah lagi hati isteri yang mudah tersentuh
    T-Tanggung-jawab dipikul bersama
    I-Isteri tak makan hati, suamipun tak cari ganti

    dialog ringkas:

    Ani : "Mengapa engkau menulis surat dengan kertas berwarna Hijau
    Ena : "Surat warna Hijau Muda itu bererti "Aku Cinta Padamu"
    Ani : "Kalau kertas itu bewarna Biru Muda apa ertinya?"
    Ena : "itu melambangkan Suasana Pilu"
    Ani : "Kalau kertasnya berwarna Merah?"
    Ena : "Asmara Yang Membara"
    Ani : "Kalau kertasnya warna Putih?"
    Ena: "Suci, Bersih dan Jujur "
    Ani : "Kalau kertasnya Kuning?"
    Ena: "Melambangkan Hati Yang Gersang"
    Ani : "Kalau Merah Jambu?"
    Ena: "Sedang Jatuh Cinta"
    Ani : "Kalau kelabu?"
    Ena : "Melambangkan Hati Yang Sedang sedih"
    Ani : "Kalau kertasnya Hitam?"
    Ena : "Itu namanya kertas karbon.. bodoh!

    By Anonymous ahmad zainoren, at Tue Jul 04, 11:53:00 PM 2006  

  • i see ur english is very good comparing to other malay. quite a number of malays write good english nowadays but u r the cutest and sweetest of them all. r u a writer?

    By Anonymous lonely, at Mon Jul 10, 02:14:00 PM 2006  

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